Top 4 Signs You Need Home Rewiring Services

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, there are about 51,000 home electrical fires every year. These fires result from faults in interior house wiring, outlets, and receptacles. For this reason, you shouldn't take your home's electrical system for granted. Spotting the signs of electrical faults early can save you from shocks, appliance damage, and even fatal house fires. Here are four telltale signs you need home rewiring services. 

You're Getting Electric Shocks

Do you get shocks when plugging in your appliances on your outlets? An electric shock, even if it's just a slight tingle, is a sign that there is a deep wiring problem. 

Also, electric shocks have severe health effects like burns, memory loss, and numbness. In the worst cases, they can also cause heart failure, extensive muscle contractions, and death. Therefore, don't hesitate to call a professional electrician for home rewiring if you have been getting shocks from your outlets. 

Your Switches and Outlets Appear Discolored

When your home has degraded wiring or loose connections, electricity may start to escape from your switches and outlets in the form of sparks. With time, these sparks will create small fires, causing discoloration around your switches and outlets. Worse still, these sparks are serious safety hazards.

If this problem is left unattended, the degraded wires and loose connections get worse. As the sparks become bigger, so does the risk of shocks and fires. Hence, get your home rewired as soon as you notice discoloration on your switches or outlets. 

Flickering Lights

Your lights may flicker when your bulb is incorrectly connected or when it just needs changing. In such cases, you don't need home rewiring services. 

However, the problem can also be more severe, like faulty circuits or loose wiring. Your lights will brighten when there is a high voltage and go dim when the voltage is low. A professional electrician will solve this issue by replacing the faulty circuits or rewiring the entire electrical system.  

You Have Knob and Tube Wiring or Aluminum Wiring 

Knob and tube wiring is typically found in old homes. The main issue with this wiring system is that it lacks a ground wire, meaning electrical appliances or equipment with three-pronged plugs cannot be used. This increases the risk of electrical shocks and fires. Therefore, call a certified electrician to replace it with a modern plastic-sheathed wiring system. 

If you have aluminum electrical wiring, you may also consider replacing it with copper wiring. Like knob and tube wiring, aluminum wiring is common in older homes and is prone to issues like overheating. Safety experts also indicate that homes with aluminum wiring are more susceptible to fires. 

For more information, contact an electrical contractor

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