5 Electrical Upgrades For Your Home Office

For many people, the home office is quickly becoming the center of their working world. If this applies to you, then you may need to make a few upgrades to the electrical service. 

1. Dedicated Circuit Panel

A dedicated circuit panel for just the home office can ensure that the increased power supply necessary for the office doesn't overload the circuits and cause tripped fuses in other parts of the home. Conversely, you also won't have to worry about appliances elsewhere in the home tripping the home office fuse and damaging expensive computing equipment. 

2. Lighting Improvements

Good lighting is a must in your home office. Not only is it more comfortable, but it is also better for your vision health and helps reduce stress and strain. Further, with more daily work taking place at home via online video conferencing, good lighting is a must so that your online meetings and streaming professional videos have a polished look that is comparable to the professionalism expected when you are working at the main office. 

3. Integrated Surge Protection

A power surge can fry your computer and all the peripheral equipment that your home office depends upon. This can be a very expensive issue to deal with. You can have a dedicated surge protector installed on the circuit panel that feeds your home office's energy needs. This way there is never any fear of damage occurring due to a power surge or when a transformer blows and causes a power outage in your neighborhood.  

4. Upgraded Outlets

The old outlets in your office may not power the needs of modern technology. An electrician can install hubs that provide a suitable amount of grounded outlets for all of your tech needs. They can also install standard USB and USB-C outlets for those devices that use these as opposed to standard three prong plugs. You may even want to install a mid-floor outlet hub, especially if your desk isn't placed against a wall. 

5. Backup Power

A backup power source can ensure business goes on even during a power outage. This can be especially important if you live somewhere with frequent power outages, such as due to major storms. An electrician can help you determine the best type of backup generator and install a simple system so that you can quickly switch over to backup power whenever the need arrives. 

Contact an electrician if you would like to update your home office. 

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