3 Critical Signs You Need Lighting System Repair

In most households, lighting system repair issues are ignored with the hope that they'll eventually go away. And if the manifestations of damage stop showing, the underlying issue never gets addressed until it's too serious to ignore. This is a dangerous way of running a household because lighting repair issues can pose a potential safety hazard in a home.

If you're guilty of ignoring lighting repair issues, you likely already know the telltale signs indicating you should engage lighting repair services. Read this article to refresh your memory and discover other signs you need to act on.

1. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are an indication that your household's total voltage has reduced or is fluctuating. Another plausible explanation for this phenomenon is faulty switch contacts and, in this case, you might hear a crackling sound emanating from specific light switches.

The glitching effect is easily noticeable especially at night when you rely on your light bulbs to illuminate your indoor spaces. Flickering lights are hard to ignore because they compromise your vision and irritate your eyes.

If you stay in a room with flickering lights over an extended period, you will likely end up with a migraine. What's more, the sudden changes in voltage from low to high can damage your bulbs or trigger an electric fire.

If you switch your lights off and on again, but the flickering continues, it's best to contact your electrician to come and inspect your wiring system to establish the root of the problem.

2. Sparks and a Burning Smell Emanating from Light Switches

Light switches that spark should never be ignored because they pose a potential fire hazard in your home. What's more, if there is smoke emanating from the switch, it means that electric power is already melting away the components of that fixture.

You should treat this as an emergency lighting repair issue and contact a reliable residential electrician immediately. The technician will identify and solve the problem in your wiring system before your lighting fixture sustains significant damage.

3. Frequent Bulb Replacement

If you always seem to be replacing bulbs that you expected to last longer, then your household might be receiving a high power voltage supply that prematurely burns them out.  Another plausible explanation is a loose wire keeps sending power surges into your bulbs, causing them to burn out.

Whichever of the two might be the reason for your predicament, engage a professional electrician for an accurate diagnosis and a permanent solution.

If any of these telltale signs ring a bell, this is your cue to always contact a trusted electrician when you notice possible lighting system repair issues.

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