Electrician's Tips: 4 Ways Of Protecting Yourself From Electric Shocks At Home

Electricity and electric-powered equipment can be dangerous when not properly maintained or when mishandled. The fact that various appliances in your home depend on it means you are constantly exposed to multiple electrical hazards, with electrical shocks being one of them. The severity of the shocks will depend on the amount of current and duration of exposure. 

Implementing protective measures and keeping up with repairs as soon as they arise is the best way to guarantee your safety. In addition to hiring an electrician to handle all your electrical problems, you can prevent electrical shocks in the following ways.

Avoid Using a Damaged Extension Cord

If you have any damaged cords at home, you should discard them right away as they expose you to electric shocks. Some people have a habit of wrapping faulty cords with tape or tucking them out of sight, which can be quite dangerous. The best thing to do is to purchase a new, quality extension cord to assure the safety of your household.

Stay Away From Capacitors

If you are not sure how to discharge a capacitor, let a qualified electrician do it for you. These battery-like components store an electric charge that aids in starting motors in appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Even when unplugged, the capacitors can still produce an electric shock, so you must be extremely careful when handling them.

Always Use GFCIs When Working With Electrical Equipment

If your work involves using electrical equipment at all times, you need to minimize the chances of an electric shock by investing in GFCIs, or ground-fault circuit interrupters, when plugging in every tool. If you carry out most of your work outdoors, there is a higher risk of water reaching the cords, contributing to electrical shock. The GFCI will protect you in such cases by shutting down electrical equipment in use every time there is an electrical issue. 

Make Sure That None of Your Home's Wiring Is Faulty

Improper wiring is another common cause of electric shocks, especially when you are living in an old home. The same is true for old electrical equipment. While you can install a new circuit breaker to minimize this problem, a more permanent solution is to replace the equipment and call in an electrician to install new wiring.

Electric shocks are quite common, especially because most people fail to consider taking ample safety precautions. Therefore, always watch for electrical hazards that could lead to shock, and contact an electrical contractor to help rectify the issue.

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