4 Warning Signs You Need Residential Electrical Repairs ASAP

Electricity poses a grave hazard in a home when the electrical circuit, fixtures, and appliances are faulty. Electrical faults cause electrical shocks, burns, and sometimes fatalities and fires. But electrical faults give ample warning like buzzing sounds or sparking outlets. You can only ignore these warning signs at your own peril. What signs tell you it is time to call a residential electrical repairs service?

Mini Shocks From Power Outlets

Do you feel small shock sensations from items when plugging or unplugging items at a power outlet? This happens when electrical power is not earthed properly and flows through whatever is plugged into the outlet.

Sometimes you will also feel these small shocks when you touch appliances and electronics like fridges and heaters. It happens when the earthing is faulty, and power flows back through the body and flows through your body, creating the shock. You should address this problem as an emergency for residential electrical repairs because the chances of injury to family members are very high.

Sparks and Buzzes

Sometimes you will see sparks in the power outlet or power outlet extensions when you plug in power plugs. In some cases, you will see an arc, which is a continuous flow of sparks with a buzzing sound accompanying the arc.

You should be concerned when the arcing is very pronounced to the point of the sparks jumping out of the outlet's holes. This fault also presents a serious electrical shock hazard, and it requires urgent residential electrical repairs to eliminate this hazard.

Burning Smells

Do you feel a burning smell in the house that grows stronger near power outlets? Sometimes you will also see scorch marks around the outlet's plug holes. Often strong arcing produces smoke and a strong burning plastic smell.

This fault presents a serious fire hazard because fire can jump from the outlet and ignite nearby items. The electrical circuit itself could ignite, with the fire spreading in the electrical wiring conduit. You should avoid using that outlet and call an electrician to inspect and diagnose the fault.

Blowing Fuses

Are fuses blowing after you replace them? Fuses are made as safety components to create breaks in the circuit and avoid major damage or injuries. It is normal for a fuse to blow occasionally because of a power surge, but you should be concerned when fuses repeatedly blow. It points to a persistent fault that can only be fixed by proper testing and diagnosis by a skilled electrician.

Do you suspect that the electrical circuit in your house is faulty? Call an electrician to inspect for faults and do the necessary residential electrical repairs. An electrical can provide further information. 

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