Use Your Senses To Identify Signs A Whole House Generator Repair Is Needed

Do you have a whole house generator? If so, you likely appreciate the peace of mind and convenience it provides when you lose power. Some power outages happen to individual residences if there are electrical issues or if electrical service work needs to be performed. However, many communities experience blackouts that can affect an entire neighborhood, city, or county. Blackouts may be planned by electrical providers or local governments. Residents receive notifications of when these will occur. This allows them to plan accordingly. Inclement weather and other unexpected events can create unexpected blackouts.

You need to ensure that your generator is ready when you need it. The best way to do this is to ensure that you get routine maintenance performed. If you have been skipping the required maintenance, you might not be aware that you are in need of a whole house generator repair. Perhaps you haven't used your generator in a while. Skipped maintenance and infrequent use put you at risk of not having power when an emergency arises. You can turn your generator on from time to time to make sure it works even if you do not need it. This is a good way to ensure the battery works The following points represent signs you might notice if you need whole house generator repair

You See Fluid Leaks

Your generator should not leak fluids. Common leaks are fuel and oil leaks. These need to be addressed by an electrician who can pinpoint where the leak is at. Even if you do not see liquid near your generator, you might be able to detect a fluid leak by observing the wires, cables, and tubing. Dried-up crusted material might be traces of leaking fluids that the generator uses to function. Generator batteries can leak and that may be a sign that a new battery is needed. 

You See Signs of Physical Damage

Your generator might show some signs of aging the longer you own it, especially if you do not have the unit protected from the elements. However, you should get generator repairs when you notice corrosion. Also, be mindful of changes in the appearance of the wires. They may fray or loosen over time. If they are in good condition, an electrician can tighten the wires. Damaged wiring needs to be replaced. Certain pests can damage generator wiring by chewing through the wires. 

You Smell Peculiar Odors

If your generator has strange odors, you need to request a whole house generator repair. An electrician is the best resource to use for troubleshooting and repairs. Strange smells are serious because they could be generator fluid leaks that could cause an explosion or fire. There is also a possibility of the fuel being low, which means the generator will stop producing power if it is not refilled. 

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