Industrial Lighting: Do You Need An Upgrade Soon?

If many of your employees struggle to stay awake or function properly on the job, upgrade your lighting soon. Your industrial light fixtures may not be bright or adequate enough to keep your employees in a good mood. Learn how bad industrial lighting affects workplaces and why you need to upgrade your lighting below.

Can Dull or Dim Lighting Affect Work Performance?

Good commercial and industrial lighting should do more than just keep your workplace well-lit and safe during the day. Good lighting should also enhance and improve your employees' moods. If your lighting is too dull or dim, it may change the way your workers feel during their shifts.

The brightness levels of light bulbs and LED lights can play a vital role in how well your employees complete their tasks during the daylight hours. Bright light keeps people awake during the day. However, dull or dim lighting encourages people to relax and feel more relaxed in their surroundings. If you installed dull or dim lighting in your factory, it may explain the changes in your employees' behavior.

The color of your lights also affects your employees' moods. Cool light bulbs and LED lights tend to elevate or stimulate an individual's moods so that they feel more alert during the day. 

If you want to improve your employees' moods as well as keep your workplace safe, change your lighting soon.

How Do You Replace Your Lighting?

First, contact an electrician and have them inspect the color and brightness of your lights. If your lights are too dim or dull for your workplace, an electrician can replace them with brighter or cooler lights. Colors such as bright white rather than yellow or soft white may be good lighting choices for you. You can also use variations of these colors for each area of your facility to improve your employees' moods. 

If your company stays open until late into the evening or night, install dimmers on your light fixtures. Dimmers allow you to adjust the brightness of your lights without compromising your employees' health. An electrician may need to install dimmers in each area of the facility.

If you need new wiring in your building to accommodate the dimmers or changes in lighting, an electrician will alert you about it. Poor or bad wiring can also affect how well light fixtures work in a building. The wiring may not have enough electrical currents running through them to keep your lights bright enough for your workers.

For more information about upgrading your facility's lights, contact an electrician or electrical contracting company, such as Williams Electric Supply, today.  

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