Common Problems With School Field Lighting And How To Solve Them

School sports are played almost every day in this country, and with all these games comes the need for adequate lighting. Organizing school sports games requires some level of planning so as to ensure that there are enough people on hand to make sure that the game runs smoothly. School field lights can brighten up the field, thus making the game more convenient and enjoyable. The following guide will help you solve some of the common problems with lighting systems for your sports field installation. 

Choosing the Right Type of Lighting Systems

You want to consider the controls of the lights when you have a new system installed. An integrated system that's connected directly to your building's electrical grid can be great if you want more control of the lights. You can control these systems with a smartphone or computer. However, if you just want lights to turn on and off at certain times (say, during morning and afternoon recess), then an automated system may be better suited for your needs.

Another option is an LED light fixture that has its own battery pack. This way, if there is a power outage, your lights will still work even though the rest of the school may not be able to function normally. Additionally, this type of lighting can be used outside as well as inside because it doesn't require any wires or outlets like other types of systems do.

Improper Wiring of Lighting Systems

One of the most common problems with school field lighting is improper wiring. This happens when the wiring is not properly grounded or if there are any loose connections in the electrical system. The problem can be fixed by having an electrician come out and check your lights. If they find a problem, they'll need to fix it before you can use your field lights again.

Lighting Too Bright or Weak

If the lights are too bright, it can cause glare issues for students who are trying to study or play sports in their free time. If the lights are too weak, they may not be able to provide enough visibility for safe playing conditions during sporting events or practices. To fix this problem, you should contact your local utility company or electrician to find out if they have any solutions that will help reduce glare or increase visibility without causing problems for nearby residents or businesses.

With a little more planning, you can solve many of these problems. Contact a school lighting service to get the help you need to install a school lighting system for your sports fields. 

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