3 Ways Recessed Lighting Can Make Your Room Feel Larger

Modern homeowners want to have large and spacious interior living spaces. Unfortunately, it can be costly to expand an existing room in your home.

Instead of spending the money to complete major home renovations, try using recessed lighting to give the illusion of a bigger living space.

Here are three unique ways that recessed lighting can help make a room in your home feel much larger than it actually is.

1. Maximize Vertical Space

The amount of vertical space within your room can have a direct impact on how open and airy the space feels.

Traditional light fixtures (even the slim ones) extend down from the ceiling in a room. Even a small amount of vertical drop from a light fixture can compromise the openness of a room.

Recessed lighting is installed flush with the ceiling in a given room. This installation approach eliminates the need for light fixtures in any of the vertical spaces in your home. The result is a room that feels as open and spacious as possible.

2. Take Advantage of Wall Washing

Recessed lighting is uniquely suited to help you take advantage of a phenomenon called wall washing within your home. Wall washing is essentially the process of casting more light around your living space.

Recessed lighting can be equipped with specialized trim that acts as a directional reflector. This trim, when coupled with a light scoop, floods the walls in a room with overlapping ambient light.

Increasing the amount of light within your living space through wall washing can help give the illusion that the room has more space.

3. Highlight Design Elements

Highlighting a unique design element within your living space can be a great way to create the illusion of space.

Many homeowners use recessed lighting to cast light on an accent wall, important pieces of art, or a decorative bookcase. The recessed lighting helps draw the attention of the eye toward these design elements.

When the elements are placed appropriately within the space, drawing the eye toward them can create the illusion of space.

Modern recessed lighting comes in a wide range of colors. The housing for each recessed light can be customized to match any paint color that you may have on your ceiling. This creates a more sophisticated and cohesive design.

Making the switch to recessed lighting for your living space will allow you to give your home a more spacious and open feel.

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