Why Do Your Light Bulbs Burn Out Often?

Continuously replacing light bulbs can be a huge hassle; worse yet, sometimes the light bulbs go out right after replacement. So, although it is normal to replace light bulbs every once in a while, if it happens far too often, there may be an electrical problem to blame.

Discover some potential culprits of light bulbs burning too frequently and how an electrical contractor can help. 

Excess Current in Your Property

The electrical wiring in your home is designed to handle a certain amount of electrical current. So if the electrical current in your property exceeds this amount, the electrical wiring may not be capable of handling it, which causes the bulbs to burn out.

You can test the electrical current of your property with an ammeter. If it exceeds the recommended, contact an electrical contractor for a solution.

Blown Fuse or Tripped Circuit Breaker

The fuse helps protect electrical wiring and electrical appliances in your home. If the fuse is blown, that can cause electrical surges that may be too much for the light bulbs to handle.

Additionally, the surge may be due to tripped circuit breaker, defective plug, or shorted fixture cord.

Whichever the issue is, a power surge is a risk to electrical appliances and electrical wiring in your property, so contact an electrician before damage occurs.

Light Socket Tab Problems

Sometimes, a bulb that doesn't light does not signify burnout. For example, if the bulb's socket tab is depressed on pushed in due to excessive screwing, it won't make contact with the electrical terminals on the light bulb, and as a result, the bulb won't light.

To quickly fix this issue, unplug the bulb, unscrew the light socket, fix the socket tab, and then screw back the socket moderately. However, ensure you turn on the mains during any electrical home repairs to avoid getting electrocuted.

If this fix doesn't work, you may have a more serious underlying electrical problem that requires an electrician.

Poor Bulb Quality

With numerous electrical products on the market, choosing the best quality light bulbs can be overwhelming, especially if you know little about electrical appliances. In addition, low-quality electrical products will most likely burn out quickly and may even be a fire hazard.

Save yourself from such trouble by entrusting a reliable electrical contractor to shop for your products. The specialist knows what to look for and will pick electrical products that guarantee you value for money.

The causes of light bulbs burning out range from simple fixes, such as inferior products, to more complex issues, like electrical wiring and surges. If you're experiencing frequent burnouts, call an electrical contractor to inspect your electrical system and suggest remedial action to ensure a safe and sustainable electrical system.

Reach out to a local electrician to learn more.

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