3 Ideal Replacements For Cable Outlets

In many homes of the past, the installation of a cable outlet was a given. Cable outlets provided direct connections to live television and used to be essential. With so many services ditching the cable outlet, you may want to replace the outlets in several rooms of your home. The outlets can create a waste of space, and you could utilize the area with more useful upgrades.

Check out some of the ways an electrician can replace outdated cable outlets. The replacements can provide multiple options and transform the cable areas of your home. Order these supplies and parts directly through an electrical contracting company.

1. USB Outlets

Instead of a direct connection to cable outlets, many home entertainment devices require power through a USB cable. A USB cable can power products like soundbars, backlights, and game consoles. An installation of a USB outlet can provide extra slots for those devices.

You will not feel the need to constantly swap out cables and can keep cables plugged in as needed. With your USB devices, you do not need to worry about plugging in a plug adapter and can connect directly to the wall.

2. Ethernet Ports

Instead of cable connections, many streaming services require a strong internet connection to run smoothly. Instead of relying on Wi-Fi, you could connect televisions and streaming boxes directly to the internet through an Ethernet port. An Ethernet port provides a stable connection, so you do not need to worry about buffering or lost Wi-Fi signals. 

An electrician could install a single Ethernet port or replace the outlet with multiple Ethernet ports that connect to your main internet box. With the Ethernet ports, you do not need to keep all of your internet equipment near your home entertainment area. You could choose a more hidden or centralized location like a media closet.

3. Surge Protection Outlets

For bigger devices like a television or surround sound, you want to ensure your equipment remains protected through electrical storms and events. Instead of using bulky surge protector outlets, an electrician can replace the cable outlet with a built-in surge protection outlet.

The built-in outlet will automatically shut off in a power surge so your devices do not suffer from any damage or issues. The outlet installation can include multiple ports so you have enough outlets for all your home entertainment options that still rely on a traditional plug.

Consult with an electrical contracting company such as Williams Electric Supply to see which upgrades work best for your home and order the proper parts.

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