How An Electrician Might Install Your New Electric Patio Heater

If you want a way to stay warmer on your patio on chilly nights, consider an electric patio heater. You can buy these in different sizes. Some are mounted on the wall or ceiling while others are on stands. You can plug them into an outdoor outlet or have an electrician hardwire one. Here's a quick look at how you might have an electric patio heater installed so it keeps you warm and is out of the way.

Hardwire The Heater

Mounting the heater on the wall or the ceiling of a covered patio is a good idea so it's out of the way. Since the heater will be mounted permanently, you'll probably want an electrician to hardwire it. This means the electrician hooks the heater up to the patio's internal wiring rather than a cord and plug.

If your patio has an overhead fan or lights, there may already be wiring above the ceiling. The electrician might hook into the existing wiring if it's present. If no wiring is already there, you might want to think about having a fan or lights installed at the same time the electrician puts in wiring for the heater. The wiring runs from the heater to the electrical panel.

The same is true when a heater is hardwired after it's hung on a wall. The heater is wired directly into the electrical panel. Since the heater may be too high to operate manually, the electrician may also need to add a switch unless you want to use a remote.

Install Outlets For A Plug

Another option is to have the electrician install outlets for your electric patio heater. If you happen to have an outlet on your patio already, you may not even need an electrician to set up your patio heater. If your outdoor outlet is too far away, you'll probably want the electrician to put in an additional outdoor GFCI outlet just for your patio heater to use. Patio heaters can use different voltage outlets depending on the size of heater you buy.

When you're shopping for a new electric patio heater, be sure to notice the type of power connection it needs so you'll be prepared to call an electrician if you need one. Even if you buy a small heater you plug into an ordinary outlet yourself, you'll get to enjoy comforting warmth on chilly nights. However, having a dedicated circuit or hardwiring for your heater might make it safer and more convenient to use.

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