3 Electrical Upgrades For Your Home Office To Discuss With Your Electrical Contractor

If you're tired of working from your kitchen table and you want a private home office, you might consider transforming an extra bedroom into your new office. Bedrooms don't typically use a lot of electricity, so there may not be enough outlets or a dedicated circuit in the room. You may need an electrical contractor to help you get the electrical system set up you need for a home office. Here are three upgrades to discuss with your electrical contractor.

1. Install A Dedicated Circuit

You might want a dedicated circuit just for your computer, or you may want all the lights and outlets in the room to share the new circuit. This keeps your electricity from flickering and your computer from being affected by a tripped breaker because too many things are plugged in and operating at once.

2. Add More Outlets

If you like to use two computers or two screens at once, you'll need enough outlets to operate them so you don't rely on adapters or extension cords. Have your home office set up the way you want it so the electrician knows the best place to put new outlets so you can charge devices and power your computers, surge protector, modem, monitors, printer, and television safely.

When you work from home or have a home business, you need to protect your computers from damage. One way to do that is by keeping them on their own circuit or not overloading the circuit they're on. You'll also want to avoid using extension cords, and you may want surge protection. Talk to the electrician about ways to keep your computer and its power supply safe so you don't lose important data.

3. Install Overhead Lighting

Proper lighting is important for working at a computer and doing conference calls. Overhead lighting could be best, along with task or desk lighting as needed. If your bedroom has a ceiling fan, you can have the electrician add a light to it or switch the fan to a fan that includes a light. If there is no overhead fan or light in the room, you can have an electrical contractor put in wiring for a new one.

You might also ask the electrician for advice on the right placement for lights and the best type of bulbs to use for a home office. When you work from home, you have different lighting problems to think about. You need sufficient light with no glare during the day, good lighting at night, and flattering lighting on group calls.

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