Things That Cause An Electrical Outlet To Be Dead And What An Electrical Contractor Can Do To Help

It's inconvenient when an electrical outlet in your home isn't working, especially if it's a dedicated outlet and you need to use it for a kitchen appliance or some other important reason. A few things can cause an outlet to be bad, but first, it's a good idea to verify it's the outlet and not the appliance that's bad. This is easy to do by plugging the toaster oven, blender, or other appliance into a different outlet to see if it works.

If the outlet is not supplying power, call an electrician for help. The problem could be with the outlet or the electrical panel. The electrical contractor can use a multimeter to track down where the power is lost. Here are some causes of a bad outlet.

The Circuit Breaker Is Bad

The electrical contractor may check the electrical panel first since it's easy to access. They can verify the breaker isn't tripped and that it's not bad. If the breaker is bad, the electrician can replace it with a new one. This is a quick electrical repair that involves getting a breaker of the same rating and plugging it into the electrical panel.

The Outlet Is Bad

It's possible for an outlet to go bad. This might happen when the outlet is old. When an outlet is old, it may be best to replace it with a modern outlet, especially if the old outlet doesn't have three holes. A new outlet should have a hole for grounding, and if the outlet is in the kitchen or bathroom, it should also have GFCI protection.

The electrician can remove the old outlet and wire in a new one. You might even want an outlet that has USB charging ports.

The Wiring Is Bad

If the wiring is bad from the electrical panel, the outlet might not work, and the wiring might even be hazardous. If that's the case, the electrician needs to replace the wiring. This might be done by patching in new wiring and removing the damaged part of the old wiring so a current doesn't flow through it any longer.

The electrical contractor may be able to pass the wiring through the attic or crawlspace, but if not, they might need to drill a hole in the wall to get the wiring where it needs to go.

Working with electricity is dangerous, so it's better to let an electrical contractor make repairs and work on your wiring or electrical panel. That way you'll stay safe and you can be sure the repairs are done properly.

For more information, contact local electrical contractors.

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